Considering Fastbraces?

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We are always available to speak with you and address your concerns. Please feel free to contact us during the following hours through our office phone number or e-mail address. After hours, you may contact us through our answering service.

Fastbraces is a fixed appliance that straightens the teeth in 12 months or less.
Fast limited treatment is available in our office.

Why not have an Examination and Consultation with a true expert in the field?
Why not talk to someone that has a limited practice of only Orthodontics?

Dr. Steer is an Orthodontist with two years of training beyond Dental School.
There is No Charge for an Examination and Consultation in our office.
Give us a call. Let us take a look and discuss your options with you.

It won’t cost you anything, and it will give you the comfort of knowing that you have consulted with a true expert.

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