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The Tip-Edge PLUS System, from TP Orthodontics, is the latest revolution in orthodontic technology. While most brackets are placed and adjusted only for the final angles the teeth will rest in, the Tip-Edge PLUS system is “programmed from start to finish” to deliver maximum tooth movement with the most comfort, from the beginning of treatment all the way to the end.

Tip-Edge brackets come with a unique bottom tunnel and dual-wire system that eliminates the need for embarrassing headgear, and ensures that treatment continues perfectly as planned. It also means that patients will need fewer appointments, and the appointments patients do need will be much quicker.

Also, the Tip-Edge PLUS features rounded corners, which significantly reduces lip and cheek irritation. The Tip-Edge PLUS System is also available in ceramic, which means the brackets match the natural colors of your teeth and are more aesthetic than metal braces.

If you’re looking for the latest in orthodontic technology, look no further than the Tip-Edge PLUS System!